Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Bouquets and Waterloo

No dice on the bridesmaids dress. I guess I'll just have to wait until the end of the month when the one I ordered should be arriving. I showed my friend the bouquet I'm making for my wedding and she loved it! I was kind of worried that people would think I'm strange because it's not your normal bouquet. I was inspired by the artist at the website Sis Boom Collections. My mother and I both spotted her creations in a Country Living magazine and knew something similar would be perfect for me! Mine is strictly vintage "flower-shaped" jewelry that has been donated by friends and relatives. It's been fairly easy to make (so far) and I don't really feel like I'm stealing her ideas because I'm crediting her everytime and mine is going to be a lot different. When it's all done I'll try to post a picture here.

Tonight some girls from the I.T. department and I are going to see an Abba cover band called Waterloo. I can't wait! I love Abba, this is the closest to the real thing as I'm going to get and the tickets were free! Ya can't beat that with a stick! Oh, and my friend from work just ordered us tickets to Mamma Mia! for when it's coming back to Detroit in the fall. Wow, I'm having a very ABBA-esque type of week!


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