Sunday, October 12, 2003


Want to look at my bridal registries? Never in my life could I have imagined what a process registering is. After the first hour at Target (and mind you, I had a list) Aaron wanders off and comes back chewing on a soft pretzel, slurping a frozen coke and asking if we were done yet. Mind you, that was after the first hour. I think we were there for a total of three hours. We even had a list!

I did the JCPenney’s registry online. You can only purchase Fiestaware through their catalog or online. That’s all there is on that one.

My boss/friend went with me to register at Bed, Bath and Beyond. She was an excellent person to take because she knew the steel count of silverware, the density of bone china, etc. Unfortunately, if it was up to the “consultant” they provide you with or my friend/boss, every item on my registry would have been over $100. Well, I know my “peeps” and none of my peeps could afford that stuff. So when I got home later that night, I got online and changed a few things. ;-)


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