Sunday, December 07, 2003

Day 4 Maui

On Saturday we did the Road to Hana. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. There were waterfalls, beaches, Hawaiian music on the radio, it couldn't have been a more beautiful drive. Unfortunately, we got a parking ticket while searching for the elusive red sand beach.

It's a shame that people drive the 4 hour trip to Hana and turn around and head back to town. A few miles past Hana is the O'heo Gulch, sometimes known as the seven sacred pools. Apparently it's not really sacred to anyone, a resort owner nicknamed it that in the 1940's to attract visitors. It was still a very magical place, though.

A mile or two past the pools is the site where Charles Lindbergh is buried. We didn't quite make it there. Past Hana we started to see a lot of "no tresspassing" signs and no signs for the church. It was starting to get late so we started to head back. Better luck next time, eh?


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