Monday, December 22, 2003

Day 8 Oahu

Day 8? I thought we were there for 10 days? Oh, I see, if you add up the travel time, lay overs and time difference I’d say yeah, it was a bout ten days.

Today was our last day in Hawaii and we planned on making the most of it. We got up early, checked out of our hotel and headed to Diamond Head State Park to hike to the top of it. It was a short hike per se, less than a mile in length but my god was it steep! Stairs, stairs and more sairs. It was fun and well worth the hike for the spectacular view from the summit.

After the hike we decided to hike some more (what were we thinking?) at the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet. We should have stopped here first for all of our souvenir needs. I can’t say how much the t-shirts were because some of the recipients read this blog, but let’s just say we spent as much as we could there. My favorite find? Hawaiian Barkcloth for $4 a yard!!!! I just about fell over dead and ended up buying as much as I could. I love me some barkcloth.

Since we had time to kill before we had to be at the airport I dragged Aaron around to help me find some lei making needles. Being the crafty person I am I could not leave Hawaii without some lei making needles! Granted, the leis I could make in Michigan are going to be drastically different from the ones you could make Hawaii but hey, who cares? I hunted high and low and finally found them at a craft store for a fraction of the price they are on this web site. Glad I got them while I was there!


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