Monday, January 12, 2004

I think it’s time to fly again

Every six months or so I get the urge to give the FlyLady another chance. I think it’s a great program and easy to follow but not really geared towards the working lady. For instance, I get all of these e-mails at work telling me to go shine my sink when in all actuality I’m 30 miles away from my sink and would give anything to be home shining it. How sad is that? You see, I have all the good intentions but not the energy to be doing it every night. So I think I’m going to take all of her “lists” and change them to fit me better. Like, take “getting dressed to the shoes” off the morning list because I have no choice in the matter because I have to go to work. I’m also not going to sign up for her e-mails because they filled up my inbox almost everyday!

I think a part of me wanting to join FlyLady again is the organizational surge I have had since we started our Clean Sweep of the house after the honeymoon. My new best friend is my label maker, my parents have supplied us with numerous plastic tubs over the holidays to store things in and things are looking much nicer! We may even be able to actually hang our winter coats in the closet now! Woo Hoo!!!

Another part of my purging and organizing was deciding if continuing to sell books on was worth the money or not. I assumed it wasn’t and was about ready to take all of the books I haven’t sold to the used book store. Something made me think to look at my account to see how much money I’d made. Can you believe with hardly any effort at all I made $300 in 13 months? And I wasn’t really trying! You better believe I’m going to continue to sell, and actually put a little effort into it this time!!!

If anyone is interested, here are the books I’m selling on click here.


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