Thursday, January 15, 2004

Lime Diet Coke

Coca Cola has announced they will start distributing Diet Coke with Lime this week. I will definately have to try it. At first I really liked the Diet Coke with Lemon but that wore off very quickly. (After about 3 of them I said never again.) Diet Vanilla Coke is great but for the first time in my life I perfered the Pepsi version. (I apologize to my family, true Coke enthusiasts.) I almost forgot Diet Cherry Coke! It's not bad but is sometimes hard to find. Can you tell I love my Diet Coke? I went carb free one time and had to immediately switch to diet pop which was extremely hard to do. I've never gone back because regular pop seems too sweet for me now. It literally can make my teeth hurt. I'm working on being free of all drinks but tea, milk and water. Those three drinks are my favorites and pretty healthy for you, too!


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