Sunday, January 04, 2004

So...what did Santa bring you?

We tried to stay low key about Christmas this year due to the fact we that we just went through a wedding and an amazing honeymoon. Aaron got me a tanzanite ring knowing my new interest in the gem. I'm not an expensive jewelry type of gal, but I can't get over the gorgeous blue/lavander combination of the stone. My other newly acquired prized possession Christmas gift is the ukulele my friend got me. I'd been planning on getting one but she is lucky enough to live in Las Vegas where abc stores are a plenty. I can't wait to get started!

My Christmas gift to everyone this year was a "movie night" gift basket. (It was easy and low key. they included a popcorn bowl, matching cups, popcorn, boxed movie candy, gift cards for movie rentals, gift cards for pizza, pop, and strips of tickets for decoration. Everyone seemed to love them and one of these days I plan on setting up a page where you might be ably to view some of my creations.


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