Thursday, June 10, 2004


Dutch Boyd. Wow. He’s hot, he’s INCREDIBLY smart and he plays a sweet hand of poker. What more can you say? Aaron and I caught him Tuesday night on ESPN for the 2003 World Cup Poker Tournament. When he said he started college at the age of 12 and finished law school by the time he was 18 it was as if he had me at “hello”. (You know I love me some smart men.) Seriously, if anybody has any information on this man please let me know. He’s a hottie and I bet (hee, hee) everyone will know his name soon.

I only found a couple of pictures of him online and you really couldn't tell what he looks like, so you are stuck with an image of poker chips. It was that or dogs playing poker (I love those kitschy pictures!). I also just found out that dear, sweet Dutch is only 22 years old! A mere pup! *sigh*


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