Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Fireworks are bad, very bad...

I wasn't sure if I should mention this or not, but on the Fourth of July I was involved in a fireworks "accident". Remember how we stopped in Indiana on our way to Chicago for some fireworks? Yeah, well, there were some "duds" and one of them blew up a concrete block that flew and hit me across both feet and ankles. I'm okay, just a small gash and some major bruising and some severe pain when going up and down stairs. Other than that, I'm fine. I didn't go to the doctors for fear of being reprimanded for being in my 30's and still playing with fireworks. I wasn't though, honest! I was sitting the farthest away and I got the biggest injuries. Go figure. I have since sworn off all fireworks, including the pretty colored sparklers I bought in Indiana.


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