Wednesday, September 22, 2004

The Ryder Cup, tour buses and home mortgages

Sorry no updates, folks. Times have been rough in the vintage lilac household.

1.) We were suposed to close on our perfect little cottage by the lake in August but no dice. They say we have great credit and that we are pre-approved, yet they keep delaying the closing date for no reason. It's very nerve racking, especially when our lease is up in 7 days.

2.) I was rear ended in a chain reaction accident caused by a tour bus going to the Ryder Cup last week (the Ryder Cup was taking place about 2 miles from where I work.) Without going into gory details, my jeep is in the shop for the next couple of weeks and my back and neck are killing me.

So you see, instead of blogging about depressing non-interesting crap I tend not to blog at all. I'm hoping (and wishing and dreaming) that we will be in our new house in a week or so and I can start back up with more interesting (and happier) posts.


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