Friday, December 17, 2004

Froehliche Weihnachten!

I’m trying to talk my husband into going to Frankenmuth this weekend. Supposedly, it’s Michigan’s #1 Tourist attraction, but I’ve heard that Cabela’s is slowly creeping up on it.

I have a lot of weird, strange ties to Frankenmuth. My most favorite roommate in college was from there. Martha (insert long German last name here) had the most wonderful stories of working at Bronner’s and other touristy gift shops. (fyi- don’t piss off the employees and then expect them to wrap your glass ornaments for shipping. They will already be broken before the label is on the box.) A couple of my aunts worked at the world famous restaurants up there, too. My uncle had married an East German woman right after the wall went up and brought her back to the States. (He was stationed there in the Army.) She got a job at one of the restaurants and she would bring home hundreds upon hundreds of dollars in tip money a night. This was the 1960’s, mind you. It just goes to show you that people are suckers for someone with an accent.

Because my aunts worked at the restaurants, we had an overabundance of dirndls in our house. (Three to be precise.) Needless to say I was a German girl for many, many Halloweens while I was in grade school. When I moved on to college I was the St. Pauli girl. Funny how that works and hey! Reuse, reduce, recycle!


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