Monday, January 03, 2005

A Quiet Storm

Today I had my Christmas present installed. My Hubby bought me a CD player for my Jeep and tonight was my appointment to have it put in. I feel like I have a whole new vehicle! Here's a little secret for ya- I've never had a CD player in a car before. 'Tis true. Maybe it's my frugality showing, but every car I've ever bought only had a tape deck. My Jeep was listed as having a CD player, but when I looked at it and just about walked away the salesman knocked a couple of hundred off the price for it being listed wrong. Now almost a year later I'm getting one! (Believe me, it was me holding back on spending the money and not my husband at all. See, I told you I was frugal!)

I also got a package I ordered over Christmas and what great timing it was. Ever since the honeymoon in Hawaii I have been in love with Hawaiian Island Music. I found this site that carries the CD's I can't find anywhere! So I ordered this CD (I love #8) and this CD and the rarest of them all, this CD. I couldn't find the last one to save my life and #1 is my all time favorite! If you notice, all three were on sale! Woo Hoo!!


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