Monday, January 17, 2005

Sweet, Sweet Mama

My mother was a professional cake decorator, so for Christmas this year I asked her to go through some of her old stuff and get together a started kit for me. Instead she bought me a Wilton starter kit along with the industrial sized vanilla flavoring needed to make the frosting and a caddy to put everything in. Awwww......OH! She also bought me the latest Wilton Yearbook! God, what memories! My mom had tons of these when I was growing up. She'd be decorating a cake in the kitchen while I sat around reading everyone of these cover to cover. I swear that they are still using some of the same pictures from 30 years ago. Come on! Check out that girl's hair on the cover and tell me what you think.

The funny thing is that I took one of her classes when I was in middle school and I was the only student she ever failed. She had no appreciation for my doll cake wearing a black frosting dress and a streak of black food coloring going through her strawberry blond hair. My punk rocker doll cake got no love from the mama.

The other interesting thing? I don't really like cake. I especially don't like most frostings. The sickening sweet smell can get to me after awhile. I won't have a problem making the cake to serve or to give away, just please don't make me eat it!


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