Tuesday, January 25, 2005

This is the Place

I know this sounds weird and lame, but I got overly excited this weekend when I found out that a Hobby Lobby opened up less than 50 miles from my house. Hobby Lobby is quite an experience for the craft connoisseur, let me tell ya. My first experience was when we were visiting friends near Adrian, Michigan. The boys dropped me off and I could have spent all day in that place. They have some great home décor items as well as an amazing selection of obscure, reasonably cheap craft supplies. And hard to find supplies, too! Listen to me, I sound like a commercial. Anyway, my sister-in-law and I are already planning on making a road trip there. The problem we have is Saturdays is the only day we can do it! Apparently, the chain is really religious, too the point that they are closed on Sundays so their “employees can be home for family and worship.” No lie. It says it right on their doors. But what do I care? It’s just a bummer I can’t go there on Sundays.


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