Friday, February 11, 2005

A Girl's Best Friend

I want one of these soooo bad. It is a nail file made with embossed diamonds. Since diamonds are one of the strongest rocks in the world, this makes sense to me. Unfortunately, the price range is all over the board on this one and I have yet to find a place that sells them in person so that I could actually try them out.

Errr….don’t get me wrong. I’m not one of those gals who has to have long, fake, airbrushed nails and has to have a manicure or refill every week or two. On the contrary. My whole life I bit my nails until they bled. After I got out of college (i.e. no health insurance) I broke a tooth and had to have $1,000’s of dollars worth of dental work done. At that point my teeth didn’t even meet enough to bite my nails so I thought that was a perfect time to quit. Ever since then I have tried to take excellent care of my nails, I give myself all of my own manicures and I’m only seen sporting a French manicure or dark red fingernail polish. It blows my mind how quickly I go through emery boards and nail files. That’s why I want one that’s guaranteed for a lifetime.


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