Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Making Cheese

I am on a mission. I am on a mission to find super easy, super healthy, quick things I can make at home that would impress my least impressionable friends. I'm also trying to avoid all pre-packaged foods and mixes, too. For this quest of being healthy, easy and homemade, I have been picking up different types of cookbooks everytime I go to my local library. The most recent find was in a Raw Foods cookbook. (I was really looking for Carol Alt's A Beginners Guide to Raw Foods but of course I could't find that one.) After thumbing through what seemed to be 101 recipes for steak tartar I found a recipe for "yogurt cheese". I ran right out and bought a cheese cloth so I could try this experiment.

Yogurt Cheese
1 small container of plain yogurt
Empty into cheese cloth. Hang over sink faucet for 24 hours or until the yogurt is spreadable. Serve with crackers.

I tried it. Honestly? It tastes a lot like boursin. It makes enough for maybe two people and next time I try it I'm going to add some spices and maybe some chives to spice it up a little bit before I put it in the cheese cloth. I don't really care for yogurt (unless it's the custard, creamy kind)but this seems to be ok and it's got to be a little bit better for you then processed cheese, right?

I'm also on a mission to make store bought products and mixes at home. For example, my husband insists on using an envelope of chili seasoning whenever he makes chili. I honestly didn't know that such a thing exisited before I met him. (It's just seasonings, can't you make yourself??) I guess my mom always made everything from scratch so I assumed everyone else did, too. So far I have come up with recipes for a faux Hershey's syrup (not that we ever use it), a chili seasoning mix and the one I'm dying to try that I just found out you can make at home- coconut syrup. I have been craving that stuff ever since Hawaii. And to think I thought I was going to have to order a case of it because I can't find it anywhere.

Hey, look at me, I think this is the longest post I've ever written. I also never thought I'd be posting about food and recipes either. I'm actually starting to enjoy cooking more and more since getting married, I never cooked much before when it was only for one person. My husband could seriously become a chef so it's fun to hang out in the kitchen with him trying new recipes.


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