Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Old Order

Witness is on WGN right now. God, I love that film. I have this weird obsession with the Amish. Ok, maybe more like a piqued interest. My dad has it, too. There are a lot of Amish in Michigan so it's not too hard to come across them, especially up north and now in the area I grew up in. Apparently there is a large settlement outside of my hometown now. I actually see them around town, especially at the local Aldi's.

There's not that many good books on the subject, but if you're interested in them at all, check out Devil's Playground. It's a documentary about rumspringer and how the kids actually have a choice about staying in the church or not. It's very interesting.

In other news...Johnnie Cochran died? How can that be? Just yesterday I was making fun of the Chewbacca defense. (In honor of all those Star Wars nerds out there.) And Jerry Falwell is in critical condition? And the Pope AND Terri Shiavo are on their last...last....hell, I don't know what's keeping those two alive. I have a feeling deaths aren't coming in three's this week, but rather by nines.


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