Friday, April 15, 2005

Apparently I don't like change

I always thought I liked change and that I handled it quite well. I'm thinking that as I get older I'm liking it less and less.

1.) I found out this week that both of my brothers have gotten new jobs. Which means both of them will be moving very, very far away from me and the rest of our family in a very short time. The funny thing is that both of them have always lived within five miles of my parents and the house we grew up in. This makes me incredibly sad. Maybe it's a mid-life crisis thing they are both going through, who knows. All I know is I start to cry every time I think about it.

2.) I have had five bosses in five years. That's a hell of a lot of change. To top it off, I've also had five directors in five years. Did I mention that I have been at the exact same job for five, almost six years? So it's not me.

3.) I know this is petty but Amazon has changed the look of their individual book pages. I go to that site everyday and now the pages are all confusing to me. Yeah, I know, it's petty but it's another change.

4.) I also don't like the fact that within the last month there has been four construction projects set up on my route to work and soon there will be five. Down to one lane for five miles, down to two lanes for fifteen miles, my exit is closed and soon I'll have to park and walk 1.5 miles one way, to and from work. All of this is suposed to be going on until October. Nice.

Change= no good.


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