Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Charlotte Church = Crazy Chick??

Charlotte Church has turned into one hot momma. Check out the video clip for her latest single- "Crazy Chick".

I've been listening to a lot of BBC Radio 1 online lately and I have to admit, I'm lovin' it. I can't get Charlotte Church out of my head (I never would have believed I'd ever say THAT in a million years) as well as a couple of other British singles. Here's that poppy, British sounding song I was telling Holly about- The Coral- "In The Morning". I love it. Any music that can put me in a good mood is alright in my book.

Can you believe the Crazy Frog Ringtones have been #1 in the UK lately? Just thought I'd share that with you. I am also grooving on a couple of John Legend tracks, but I hear that he's old news so I won't bore you with that. (Although, the newer, faster version of "Ordinary People" is rocking my world right now.)


Blogger Holly said...

I finally heard it this morning..as well as a little bit of an earlier interview with her. You are right.. I heard it and I was like , "Nooo way!". Blew me away.

Wed Jun 29, 03:18:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous Stephanie said...

can you listen online with dial-up? I'm afriad to even try and then get all frustrated... but I'd love to hear these songs too!

Wed Jul 06, 11:09:00 AM EDT  

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