Saturday, June 04, 2005


While cruising through's Top 100 List, I kept seeing a puzzle book called "Sudoku". Apparently it is a numbers puzzle that is incredibly popular all over England. Now, I love puzzles but number puzzles aren't usually my thing. Eventually my curiosity got the best of me and I printed out a few to try. OH. MY. GOD. It is highly addictive and will drain your brain after a few of them. After calculating the shipping cost I've decided to have my friend pick me up some of the books when she's in England in August. I'm hooked. I can't get enough and no one in Canada and the United States sells the books. UGH!! Hopefully the daily download will subdued me until I can get my hands on some more.

We just finished our Saturday night ritual of hanging out and listening to A Prairie Home Companion. Now I'm listening to American Routes. God, I love NPR on the weekends.

I'm reading Starvation Heights by Gregg Olsen right now. It's taken me forever to find a copy of it but it seems to have been worth it. It's an extremely well written book about a female doctor that built a sanitarium in the early 1900's and used a fasting method that eventually starved her patients to death. (Hello, run on sentence!)

Carrying on the tradition of a Colin Firth Love/Film Fest at my house on the weekends, I watched My Life So Far last night. In order to pique the interest of some people who might be reading this, let's just say that it takes place in Argyle, Scotland in the 1920's and the main character is a boy named Fraser who runs around in a kilt a lot. Tonight is The Advocate. We'll see how it goes.

Tomorrow my family and I are going to the local Masonic Temple for a chicken dinner. At first I wasn't too thrilled but now I'm looking forward to it. I come from a long line of Mason's and it's the same temple my grandparents were members in. I spent a lot of time as a kid in that big old building and I'd like to see how it's changed. Plus it's my brother's birthday AND my nephew is GEEKED because he just saw "National Treasure" and can't believe his Papa and Grand Papa are members of this secret society and he's actually going to one of their buildings. Too funny. My aunt told me that everyone she knows has had their emblems stolen off their car since that movie came out. That's funny, too.


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