Monday, July 25, 2005

Lazy Summer Days

We had a slow, uneventful weekend. Friday night I headed to the Greater Owosso area to pick up my friend Amy and to meet the rest of our entourage at the Cavalier Bar in Corunna. What’s truly sad is that there is no mention of the Cavalier Bar on the internet to link to. (I don’t call a listing of local bars and restaurants a true “mention”.) That just goes to show you how small this bar (and town) really are. While at the bar catching up with friends I learned that I am going to be attending the 15 year class reunion of the grade below me this fall- there’s a group of friends going, they want me to go and I said “But of course! Reunions are a blast when they aren’t your own!”

Saturday the husband was at work (Overtime! Hoorah!) and I was left at home to make the dishes we were to take to his family reunion later in the afternoon. Do you ever have one of those days where no mater what you do nothing turns out? Well……I went to 4 stores looking for overripe avocados and no one had ANY AVOCADOS AT ALL. Since avocados are THE key ingredient in my killer Guacamole (See the Moosewood Cookbook for that recipe) I didn’t make any. Then I was going to make these delicious saltine cracker/toffee type cookies as an inside joke with one of my husband’s aunts. (long story…….) Also not a good idea. Let’s just say that any type of baked good should truly be left for the holidays.

So I showed up at the reunion empty handed. I felt bad but no one seemed to notice or care. I met my husband there and we spent the next few hours swimming, boating, jetskiing, tubing and general debauchery . It was fun but it also felt good to get home.

Sunday was a lazy, lazy day. I stayed indoors all day and was happy to do so because the one time I opened my front door it felt like I was walking into a steel furnace. We had vouchers/tickets to the “ABBA: the music” show at Pine Knob but due to not wanting to be miserable we decided not to go. So we watched a few movies, chilled out and just…stayed….home.


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