Friday, July 22, 2005

WTF Friday v.7.22.05

Pringles. They have always been my most favorite potato chip. Check out all of the bizzarro flavors you can find all over the world. I’ve actually tried the Curry flavored ones when a friend brought them back from the UK for me. (I can’t stand curry so I wasn’t too fond of them, but my husband really enjoyed them.) In a few weeks I’ll be going to Canada where I’m sure I’ll be able to find the Ketchup flavored ones. (Canada is Queen of the ketchup flavored chips.) But come on……
Spring Onion and Feta?
Grilled Shrimp and Pepper?
Winter BBQ? (What exactly would that be? And what makes it “winter” as opposed to “summer”?)
French Consomme?
And nowhere on the net have I found a translation for Oranjekaas, which kind of scares me.


Blogger Holly said...

This has reminded me! When someone in the U.K. says they "had a Curry" what does that mean? I thought curry was a spice. Are they just eating a bunch of spice? I know I sound dumb..and I aspire to be more culturally literate than this, but alas...
I'd like the ketchup ones and rich would love the feta ones!

Fri Jul 22, 09:52:00 AM EDT  
Blogger vintage lilac said...

I looked all over the web and I can't find a definition for "had a curry." It sounds like it's like having a snack or an appetizer. Curry is usually known as a spice that is popular in Indian food which is popular in England due to colonization. Or at lest that's what I've heard anyway.....

Fri Jul 22, 01:59:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Holly said...

I Got it!

Sat Jul 23, 02:53:00 AM EDT  
Anonymous andy said...

We've got "Pringles Prints" at Rite Aid. Apparently, they are now embedding them with retarded jokes. Some, however, have subliminal neo-conservative/nazi messages as well. Tastes like shit.

Mon Jul 25, 12:05:00 AM EDT  
Anonymous Stephanie said...

we have a curry sauce (to use like ketchup) from the UK and last friday had curry baked beans. They were awesome! I love love love curry, I put it in almost everything!!

Mon Jul 25, 10:24:00 AM EDT  

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