Friday, August 12, 2005

WTF Friday v.08.12.05

Sushi Fundraiser At The Aquarium Called Bad Taste

Yeah, working on a fund raiser for a non-profit you really need to think about these things.

Oh, yeah, here's another little WTF for ya....I had a romantic dream about the new and improved Jack Osbourne this morning. Granted, it wasn't a sexual dream or a "sex" dream for that matter, just a little romantic dream. I'm torn between feeling creeped out by it or by basking in it. I am practically old enough to be his mother but that doesn't seem to matter these days.


Blogger Holly said...

Mmmmmmm Jack Osbourne....

Fri Aug 12, 03:06:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Andre said...

I don't know how you should feel about your dream, but I'm certainly creeped out by you now:)

Fri Aug 12, 06:19:00 PM EDT  
Blogger vintage lilac said...

Andre, did you ever see my comment about Holly Love on her blog? It's under 100 things she likes or something.

Fri Aug 12, 07:15:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous Stephanie said...

He's denying his Holly love, but I agree with you, it's pretty obvious!

Mon Aug 15, 10:47:00 AM EDT  

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