Monday, November 28, 2005

I've Been Redeemed! Or rather, Ordained.

I guess I should explain that since I'm in an employment hiatus right now, I'm been going to my parent's house and helping my mother go through stuff in my old bedroom and just kind of decluttering everything. I've been bringing boxes back to my house to go through and am amazed at the crap I've held on to as well as the foresight to save some things. (So far I've found the first issue of George- JFK's magazine and the tribute/commemorative issues of People from when Jerry Garcia and Princess Diana died.) Anyways, I found my certificate for being an ordained minister through the Universal Life Church. I remember doing it I just couldn't remember what I did with the card! So I found the card, dated December of 1990, and I think I'm going to frame it for prosperity purposes only.


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