Friday, November 11, 2005

WTF Friday v. 11.11.05

I just learned that Anderson Cooper, my news junkie heartthrob, is the youngest son of Gloria Vanderbilt. WTF???? I’m still blown away by this bit of news.

Not a whole lot to write about. Halloween came and went. My husband was severely disappointed that we squeaked by on the candy and had absolutely none left when the night was over.

I saw that they have a made the movie Aeon Flux. Some may remember her from the early 1990’s MTV show "Liquid Television". but then again, some may not. The first thing that comes to mind is, isn’t 15 years a little late? I mean, does anybody remember this cartoon? The only reason I know about it is because I used to watch Liquid Television for “Stick Figure Theater”, which was absolutely hilarious. After searching for any trace of it on the web, this is the closest I could get- click here. It’s similar but not quite the same. Unfortunately you have to know about the Burning Man Festival to find it truly funny, but like I said, this is all I could find. Sorry.

Speaking of historical television shows, I was explaining Schoolhouse Rock to my nephew the other day. He’s currently obsessed with Liberty's Kids so I’m going to let him borrow my Schoolhouse Rock tapes. *Sigh* It’s so sad but I still know all of the words to the history ones.

Hey Holly, how’s "Little Britain"? Isn’t it great to know that I know exactly what you have at your house from Netflix cuz we’re “Friends”? BTW, Vicky Pollard and Daffyd are my absolute favorite and Aaron loves Lou and Andy. Here's what I was going to ask for Christmas, but when I found out she doesn’t even say “Yeah, but no, but yeah, but no, but yeah..…” I decided against it. Oh, and with the exchange rate AND s & h, it’d have been $60+.


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Anderson Cooper....hmmmmmmmmm...yummmmmmm Newshunkalicious!

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