Friday, December 09, 2005

WTF Friday v.12.09.05

People, this is what your hard earned tax money is going to. (Not the picture, the link further ahead.) They showed a clip on Good Morning America the other day and afterwards all of the hosts really didn't know what to say. I think one of them mumbled "what was that all about..." or something like that and then they quickly cut to a commercial. I finally found a link to it. Here is what your hard earned tax dollar is going to. Skip to 5:40 if you want to see W. talking to someone on his own level and wasting time on things he shouldn't.

Speaking of canine family members, why is it that just about every blog I read has gone Animal Planet on me? I'm not complaining or picking on anyone, I just find it funny because I have had a pet my whole life and never blogged or talked about them, yet a whole bunch of bloggers I read suddenly get an animal and that's all I hear about. And it's not just dogs, either. One blog I read talked about her hedgehog so much she started it's own blog. Some have gone completely Animal Planet on me while others are only leaning in that direction. Something else that I think is interesting is that as soon as I mention to anyone that I'm thinking about rescuing a dog from the pound they all laugh at me and say it's because I want a baby. I wonder how true that rings with all the bloggers I read.....

So, ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce to you my cat Venus. (see pic above. I tried to find one that showed off her pea soup colored eyes) Venus is the first pet my husband and I have gotten together. My friend Amy was trying to downsize her home zoo and after seeing my husband go crazy over Venus she asked if we'd like to take her knowing exactly where she'd be living. At first it was an adjustment, especially because she only understood Arabic and we didn't know any. But soon we were on the same page and all is well. She has been attached to my hip since I've been home. And I bet she's the only cat that has her own set of Fiestaware water bowls. Speaking of being home....

Did I mention that I got a job? The lady next door (who my parents have known since 1962) is getting up there in age and needs a little help remembering her pills, etc. Her kids are paying me fat cash to go over there for 2 hours a day to help her with things. So far it's working out great and I'm getting hooked on The Price is Right in the process.


Blogger vintage lilac said...

For those of you who can't see the link/video, it's a 9 minute beautifully filmed "christmas card from the White House" from the viewpoint of the newest member of the Bush clan- Miss Beazley, an ugly scottish terrier W. got over the summer. Be sure and check out the credits, it's funny to see heads of the government get credit for being in a doggie video.

Fri Dec 09, 03:43:00 PM EST  
Blogger Andre said...

That's some fucked up shit!

Fri Dec 09, 05:09:00 PM EST  
Blogger Mickey-B and Mikey-Do said...


Thu Dec 15, 06:10:00 PM EST  

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