Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Going All Brokeback Mountain On You

I really want to see this movie. I think I want to see how they explain two "straight" guys falling in love with each other when they are left alone in the wilderness for a few days. I know there is a lot more to the story, that's why I want to see the movie. Of course I can't find anyone who wants to see it with me so I planned on seeing it alone. Guess what? There isn't a movie theater within 50 miles of me that is showing it. WTF?? Come on, people. Don't even tell me it's not going to get any closer..... thank god for Netflix.


Blogger Holly said...

Hey I'd love to go see it!!

Tue Jan 10, 05:33:00 PM EST  
Blogger vintage lilac said...

Heh, find a place that's playing it! Livonia and Lansing is what my search came up with.

Tue Jan 10, 07:10:00 PM EST  
Anonymous Stephanie said...

me too!! Lets all go!!

Tue Jan 10, 07:11:00 PM EST  
Anonymous Stephanie said...

It's playing in Ypsi!! Lets all go!!!

Wed Jan 11, 12:13:00 PM EST  
Blogger vintage lilac said...

Name your day, sistas!

Wed Jan 11, 02:07:00 PM EST  
Blogger Andre said...

I want to see it too. It's playing all over around here.

PS... they aren't straight...

Wed Jan 11, 10:35:00 PM EST  
Blogger vintage lilac said...

Thus the quotations.

Thu Jan 12, 01:09:00 PM EST  
Anonymous Stephanie said...

Andre and I have a sitter saturday night. That would work for us.

Fri Jan 13, 11:58:00 AM EST  

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