Saturday, January 28, 2006

A Plethora of Parties

This must be the mid-winter blahs party weekend, because everyone I know is having a party.

Last night Mr. Lilac and I went to very exclusive "invitation by birthright only" type of party. Every female there was named Amy. Granted, only four of us showed up with our spouses/s.o.'s, but it was still kind of cool that every woman in the room was named Amy and that we all went to high school together and we are still friends. The best part is that every one of us knew exactly who we were talking about and never did anyone say "which one?" Apparently all of us Amys are used to it by now.

Tonight I have been invited to two parties. The first sounds like a lot of fun and my husband and I have been planning on going to it all week. Steph and Andre are having a party for Robert Burn's Night, a big Scottish Bru-ha-ha that should be a lot of fun. Unfortunately, I looked at the evite response list and no one I know will even be there! In fact, I can't even get Holly, Steph's sister, to return my message to let me know she's not coming either! (SEE? She never calls me, not even to return a message.*sniff*) The only people I would know at this party is Steph's family and it's looking like none of them are going to be there so I think we may not be going. I know, how lame. I'd love to go but signs are pointing more and more towards not.

The second party tonight is a drunken bar fest back in my hometown. One of my BFF's BILs is turning 40 and we have been invited to bar hop and play pool. We are definately passing on this one. The last time they had one of these shindigs they were carrying drunk 40 year olds out of bars and piling them up in the back of a truck. Nice.


Blogger Andre said...

Holly said she wasn't coming because Rich will be out of town and she doesn't want to drive here. You could pick her up and that'd be sweet. But you should come either way. Lot's of semi-interesting new people to meet.

Sat Jan 28, 12:14:00 PM EST  
Blogger elizabeth said...

that "amy" party sounds fun! what a great idea.

i so can relate to not wanting to go to a party where you really don't know anyone. me and my hubby are really not the "hey, my name is elizabeth, what's yours?" type of people.

i wish we were :(

Sun Jan 29, 11:34:00 AM EST  

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