Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Mother of All Thrift Store Finds (according to my husband)

Patience is a virtue, people. I can't seem to say it enough around here. For example, since Christmas my husband has been talking about buying the Monty Python's Flying Circus Collection. (Now he's saying he was planning on renting them but I'm not so sure. ) Monday I was in one of my most favorite Salvation Army stores when what did I see before me? The complete first and second set. Granted, it's on VHS but who cares? I ended up paying $2.99 per set. And I made my husband's day. Patience is a virtue, people.

Those of you who were in Windsor with me over the summer might recall my discovery in the Lewiscraft store of colored glue sticks. I'd never seen them before so I was giddy with excitement. I ended up not getting them because they were sort of pricy and I had no idea what I was going to do with them. Guess what I found at the dollar store a month later? Not only did I find colored glue sticks, but I also found colored glue sticks with glitter. The glitter made it well worth the wait.

So that's something we are working on around here. Being patient. And that patience is a virtue.

And that instant gratification will lead us nowhere but the poor house.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's good to see that the lessons of your youth were not in vain.

Fri Mar 10, 06:04:00 AM EST  
Blogger Andre said...

6 bucks for two sets of Flying Circus is awesome. We've ebnn getting them from the library, but they don't have them all. Nice find!

Fri Mar 10, 07:50:00 PM EST  

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