Thursday, March 02, 2006

Project of the Week

The other day I woke up to a disaster in my craft/computer room. The cheap ass organizer I was using to store my fabric completely busted on me. After a few days of searching online and thinking about it I found this cube organizer at Target that seems to be doing the trick. (After hours online it's apparent that everyone has a different idea about storing their fabric.) Anything 2 yards or less got folded up and filed accordingly in the cubes. Less than a quarter of a yard got thrown in the dark purple cube basket in the lower right corner. Anything more than 2 yards got stored in the McCall pattern cabinet or in an entirely different organizer in the room. ( The white cube is quilting cottons only. All others are all over the place.) This was actually a lot of fun at first, now I'm just tired of it and want it to be over with.


Blogger Holly said...

That looks really brilliant! Well done!

Thu Mar 02, 06:27:00 PM EST  
Blogger elizabeth said...

looks so nice and organized. and where did you score the mccall pattern cabinet?

Fri Mar 03, 09:40:00 AM EST  
Anonymous Samantha said...

great job organizing! I also always feel aweomse about a re-org, until I am part way thru, and then, I'm sick of it but have to finish cause my floor is covered in fabric...

Fri Mar 03, 01:53:00 PM EST  

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