Friday, April 07, 2006

"Only You"

I like to watch a lot of PBS so during the day I'll have the TV tuned into any number of PBS stations I can get and and listen to it through out the house. (It's a small house.) I started to notice when they switch over to children's programming (around 2-3pm depending on what station I have it on) they show a minute or two commercial for PBS Kids. It's in black and white and there are some famous people rolling around with their children on the beach and in the grass. (I'm asuming they are their children.) The most beautiful song is playing during the commerical. After a couple of searches I found this guy's blog and it looks like he did all of the leg work for me over a year ago!

Song: Only You
Album: Uncommon Denominators
Artist: New Rythm and Blues Quartet (NRBQ)
Released: 1986

One of my BFF's already found it on Rhapsody for me and I'll have it by the end of the day! Yippee! (Can you tell I'm a tightwad?)

Here's a clip of the song. (Just click on "only you".) The reason I'm using this clip is because if you leave the clip running into the next one you will hear the song from the best mime fight scene ever from my most favorite movie ever, Shakes The Clown. If you have never seen it you must run out and rent it TODAY.


Blogger Andre said...

I've always wondered what NRBQ stands for. That's pretty funny that one of their songs is used for a PBS commercial.

Fri Apr 07, 12:52:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous samantha said...

Okay, this is random, but the book you have listed over in your chain reading profile was one of my all time favorites from childhood! GO Westing Game!!

Sat Apr 08, 10:22:00 AM EDT  
Blogger jmswilfong said...

can i tell you that that is all i watch. Cable departed from my household abutptly (i guess you gotta pay your bill) in October. All i watch is PBS with my daughter from 8:30am-4:30pm. I know the theme songs a little too much by heart.
They do have great adult programing on pbs like Manor House (get at Netflix).

Sun Apr 09, 05:33:00 PM EDT  

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