Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Princess Playmat

You know those carpet/playmats that tend to be for boys with the roadways and construction buildings printed right on them? Well, a few years ago I came across a cotton fabric panel piece at a garage sale of a shopping mall! How girly! It even has a craft store, a fabric store *sigh* and a beauty shop. So I bought it with every intention of quilting it for my niece, the Princess. (Don't think I'm not a femininst. It's just that my nephew has one and I've never seen one designed specifically for a girl like I have seen them for boys.) Two years later, I came across it again and actually finished it. Speaking of finishing an "unfinished object".....

Check out my new internet friend Spamantha's blog. I came across it a few months ago and it's becoming eerie as to how much we have in common. I know, I know, given our age range and basic interests it's not that wierd but almost daily something new has popped up. What's creeping me out is that I feel like I'm copying her, too. As in, I want to make the quilt she has on her bed (she's posted the pictures!) and in order to do that I have to order the pattern from the quilt shop she used to work at. She also has listed all of her UFO's (UnFinished Object's) on her sidebar so now I want to do that, too. Instead I combined my UFO's and WIP's (Work's In Progress) from the information Bald Sheep provided me last fall and I just never got around to doing. I'll post them as I discover them and really, how do you determine the % of completetion? Some projects I only bought the stuff for and well, that's just too embarassing to post yet.

Anyway, let's just say I'm "inspired" by my new friend rather than I'm "copying" her. I like the sound of that much better.


Blogger Stephanie said...

I don't see "princess" stuff as anti-feminist. I see it more as being able to embrace the things that women often do. I enjoy make-up and frilly flowery things. I'm not going to ignore that just for politics. I think you can do both. Know what I mean? I think we're both in the same place with this. Right?

Wed Apr 12, 06:34:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous Samantha said...

First- Hi! You're not copying me, you're simply as cool as me ;-)

Secondly, I think Princess can be empowering, as long as it's not the full on Disney-Princess mania so many of my daughter's friends fall prey to... My daughter wants to be a Princess Veterinariam when she gorws up, and I can totally picture her in a white coat sporting a tiara. I love that she can embrace both those ideas today! And, that playmat rocks!!

Fri Apr 14, 11:36:00 AM EDT  

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