Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Shark! Shark!

A couple of months ago my 9-year-old nephew brought over one of those joystick video games that you plug into your TV and up pops about 6 old school video games. I'm hooked. I'm so hooked in fact that I went out and bought the Intellivision joystick as well as the Tetris joystick. Want to know what game I'm the most addicted to? Shark! Shark! It's almost like watching an interactive aquarium only you get to eat the fish and grow bigger. I know, I know, how lame am I when there are millions of graphically intense games out there. I liked it before the head thing started happening and now it's about all I can handle right now.

I've also put the challenge out there to anybody who's every wanted to beat me at Boggle and couldn't before, now would be the time to do it.


Blogger Andre said...

We've gone through a couple of those things. Be careful with them; they don't last long.

Fri Apr 07, 12:53:00 PM EDT  
Blogger jmswilfong said...

my brother and i played that game system when we were kids!! my favorite was the Cabbage Patch Game and the Smurf game. OMG. Those rocked

Sun Apr 09, 05:35:00 PM EDT  

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