Tuesday, April 11, 2006

To Slice The Perfect Mango

Anybody who's ever tried to cut a mango knows how difficult it can be. My mother told me about Martha Stewart's way to slice a mango which is by far the best way I'd ever seen. Then I saw this on ljc's blog. Just what I've always needed. And thank you to Alton Brown for showing us the right direction. A mango slicer. Who'd have thunk it. And it actually works, too.


Anonymous Samantha said...

we have the apple slicer from the same product line, and also an avocado slicer... And I love them all! (insert slightly maniacal laugh here?)

Tue Apr 11, 12:27:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Andre said...

How often do you eat mangos?

Tue Apr 11, 07:37:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Andre said...

So when are you gonna get on myspace?

Tue Apr 11, 07:38:00 PM EDT  
Blogger vintage lilac said...

1.) I eat mangoes as often as they go on sale for less than $1.50 a piece. I love mangoes.

2.) I am on my space,rather "my music", I absolutely refuse to set up a page or "look for friends", tee hee! and by the looks of your's and Steph's pictures, you are looking for a lot more than just "friends"!

Tue Apr 11, 08:07:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Andre said...

What do you mean? We're pure and innocent!

Thu Apr 13, 11:18:00 AM EDT  
Blogger vintage lilac said...

yeah, and I fell off the turnip truck yesterday....

Thu Apr 13, 01:06:00 PM EDT  

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