Wednesday, April 19, 2006

What's It For Then?

I've needed a step stool in my craft room for awhile now. At 5'11'' you'd think I wouldn't need one but seeing as how space is limited I have to store things more "vertically". Thus, that one extra step would be oh-so nice. I've looked around and the best one I've found to fit my needs I found at JoAnn's. Before the "ER visits" I happened to be in JoAnn's and found them for 50% off. Looked like it was time for me to buy a new step stool.

So I get it home, sand it down and what does the sticker underneath says? "Not for standing on." HUH? So what's it for then? I can't believe they went to all of this trouble to make a perfectly good stool that you can't even use. It completely boggled my mind as too what this would be for then. But then it dawned on me- one stroke painters paint on them all of the time, but don't they use them afterwards? I guess it really made me think about what I craft for. (It also makes one think as to the difference betweens one's art and one's craft, but that's a whole 'nother can of worms I'm not opening quite yet.)

After some thought I've decided that I am a practical crafter. As in, everything I make can be used for something. Weather it be a quilt, a lampshade or a wall hanging, it can be used for something. Not something that just sits there and does nothing.

So I quickly stamped some flowers on my stool for fear of it not lasting long enough to enjoy it.

IKEA can't come soon enough.


Blogger ljc said...

I came over and read your blog about the silk tied eggs... very cool and read about your medical woes... yikes! It sounds like an episode of House. Hope you get things worked out soon.

Wed Apr 19, 10:59:00 AM EDT  
Blogger Holly said...

So, is Ikea really cheap? 'Cos I always thought it was this hyper chic place only yuppies shopped and the prices would be overblown to reflect the checkbooks of it's shoppers? No?

Wed Apr 19, 11:30:00 AM EDT  
Blogger KnittyMomma said...

we have 3 or 4 of those stools outside in the garden area holding potted plants. They are perfect for that! Also they work next to a chair or something holding a yarn basket for knitting or other craft items.

Wed Apr 19, 12:21:00 PM EDT  
Blogger vintage lilac said...

IKEA is dirt cheap.

Wed Apr 19, 01:03:00 PM EDT  
Blogger m said...

YOU need step stool? I thought I'd never see the day! I must say, since you left me, I've used my little wood step stool many, many times. You're still better.

Wed Apr 19, 09:12:00 PM EDT  

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