Friday, June 09, 2006

Update v.6.9.06

- Last weekend we had our one day garage sale and I wasn't too thrilled with the outcome. After all of that hard work we only cracked about $100. All of our neighbors said we're in a great place for a garage sale (high traffic) but it just didn't seem to be. A lady a few streets up who was having a garage sale stopped by and said she had 3 customers all day! So I guess I was doing a lot better than her. We ended up taking half of the money and going to B.D. Mongolian BBQ for dinner.

-Last night I went to a sex toy party that was originally open to couples but since not that many men wanted to come it was women only. (Apparently co-ed parties are fairly new in the sex toy party biz) I never buy anything at those things because my husband and I don't seem to need any of it yet if you get my drift. We're doing absolutely fine without it. Maybe 10 years down the road we will......

- I went to a new doctor yesterday about my head. I was so nervous going to a new doctor in the middle of all of this but I am sooo happy I did it!!! She actually seems like she cares, she has already set up 2 new tests that my old doctor dropped the ball on and she's already taken me off of one prescription and started weening me off of 2 others!! This was definately a good move because I refuse to be like this forever. I am now a firm believer in second opinions.

- The hubby and I are heading for Lake Michigan this weekend to hang out with some old friends. It's always a blast when we are there so we should definately have a good time!


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