Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Happy Christmas and All That Jazz...

So Christmas came and went and I forgot to mention it on this here blog. Oh well. I'm sure you all figured it out.

My family's tradition for Christmas Day is to meet at my brother's house at 10am for Christmas brunch. Every year I try to come up if something different and breakfast-themed to take over there to eat. This year I think I out did myself. Over Thanksgiving weekend I heard mention of a "Donut Pudding" on A Prarie Home Companion. By the second time I heard it I had to go google it. The main recipe I found was this one from Paula Deen on the Food Network. WARNING!!! You may have to adapt the recipe. My donuts started to burn at 20 minutes and the butter rum sauce turned into fudge twice! It was delish but good luck trying to make it.


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