Thursday, January 03, 2008

My baby, my precious baby.....

Since high school I have wanted a green Jeep Cherokee. When my car died a couple of years ago I broke down and bought myself one. I absolutely loved it. It was great for garage saling, carting stuff around and it had 4 wheel drive which I had never had before but absolutely loved since it helped me with the snow. (See post below.) Last March I got up to go to work and my Jeep was gone. Someone had stolen it from in front of my house. Mind you, I know I live in an extremely high crime city but we've never had any trouble here, it's a great neighborhood. They had to pass by 3- 2007 trucks to get to my Jeep with 160,000 miles on it. I was heartbroken. After talking to people I found out that Jeeps get stolen all the time- their parts have a high re-sale value.

After a month my car insurance settled with me and I bought a silver Saturn Ion. Nice little car, great gas mileage, has absolutely no room but it works for the mean time. Oh, and take heed- I WILL NEVER BUY A SILVER CAR EVER AGAIN. NEVER. EVER. More on that later.......

They found my car 6 weeks later abandonded in a neighborhood in Ann Arbor. From my high crime city to the elite college town of Ann Arbor. (You might have to be from Michigan to get the irony in this.) Above is the pic I took of the interior- stereo and steering column are GONE. I had no rights to it at that point so all they let me do is look at it. they were supposed to offer it back to me before they put it up for auction but they never called me back. So sad.


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