Sunday, February 03, 2008

Tickling The Ivories

I have had a rather, low-key, low excitement type of weekend and I loved it.

I didn't have to work on Friday due to a winter storm in our area. YEE-HAW. Gotta love it.

I made my dad a Custard Pie from scratch over the weekend. (See my post about the movie "Waitress".) I hope he likes it.

I've been working on my art quilt project for an exhibit at the end of the month. I'm getting very frustrated with it and have to walk away from it on a regular basis. Oh, and my cat has suddenly become extremely interested with all of the pieces.

Oh, do you see the piano at the beginning of this post? I forgot to mention that my husband picked me up a piano a number of months ago on his job. It's slightly out of tune but for "free" who could argue? It looks a lot like the pic except mine has a white wash on it. I actually found a few sites where you can download sheet music. I'm very excited about that one.

Well, that's it for now kiddos! See you in a couple of days.......


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