Saturday, May 03, 2008

Garage Sale Finds v. 5.2.08

I found the mother of all garage sale finds. I found an actual Astrolite with all it's pieces, practically mint-in-box. What's an Astrolite, did you say? An Astrolite was a toy made by Hasbro my brothers had in the early 1970's that I only recall playing with a handful of times. I thought the light shooting up the plastic pieces was beautiful and have always thought of the Astrolite with very found, psychedelic memories. I have no idea what happened to our set. Yesterday I came across one at a garage sale. I didn't know what they were called and had never done any research on them but when I saw the box my heart skipped a beat. I bought the whole thing for very cheap and came home and set it up for my husband to see. It's beautiful but not as vibrant as I remember. There's even an instruction book with directions as to how to build different scenes. I'll post more pictures soon.

What else did I find garage saling? Not much. Some books (Holly, I picked up some "kilt lovin' " historical romances if you want them), some men's silk ties for future projects I'm planning, some men's shirt's for the same reason, some piano sheet music as well as an Oreck vaccum cleaner. (It's the cheaper, smaller model but I've wanted an Oreck for a very long time....have you ever used one? They are wonderful...)

I have to work all weekend. It's my make-it-or-break-it weekend where I work two long shifts two days in a row. It's also my last two days of training. Wish me luck.


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