Tuesday, January 25, 2005

This is the Place

I know this sounds weird and lame, but I got overly excited this weekend when I found out that a Hobby Lobby opened up less than 50 miles from my house. Hobby Lobby is quite an experience for the craft connoisseur, let me tell ya. My first experience was when we were visiting friends near Adrian, Michigan. The boys dropped me off and I could have spent all day in that place. They have some great home décor items as well as an amazing selection of obscure, reasonably cheap craft supplies. And hard to find supplies, too! Listen to me, I sound like a commercial. Anyway, my sister-in-law and I are already planning on making a road trip there. The problem we have is Saturdays is the only day we can do it! Apparently, the chain is really religious, too the point that they are closed on Sundays so their “employees can be home for family and worship.” No lie. It says it right on their doors. But what do I care? It’s just a bummer I can’t go there on Sundays.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The Art of Kirigami

I found this page-a-day calendar at Border's the other day and couldn't resist it at 50% off. It's lousy as a calendar but each page is preprinted with folding and cutting instructions to make beautiful little works of art. I supose I should slow down because I'm already up to February.

Monday, January 17, 2005

Sweet, Sweet Mama

My mother was a professional cake decorator, so for Christmas this year I asked her to go through some of her old stuff and get together a started kit for me. Instead she bought me a Wilton starter kit along with the industrial sized vanilla flavoring needed to make the frosting and a caddy to put everything in. Awwww......OH! She also bought me the latest Wilton Yearbook! God, what memories! My mom had tons of these when I was growing up. She'd be decorating a cake in the kitchen while I sat around reading everyone of these cover to cover. I swear that they are still using some of the same pictures from 30 years ago. Come on! Check out that girl's hair on the cover and tell me what you think.

The funny thing is that I took one of her classes when I was in middle school and I was the only student she ever failed. She had no appreciation for my doll cake wearing a black frosting dress and a streak of black food coloring going through her strawberry blond hair. My punk rocker doll cake got no love from the mama.

The other interesting thing? I don't really like cake. I especially don't like most frostings. The sickening sweet smell can get to me after awhile. I won't have a problem making the cake to serve or to give away, just please don't make me eat it!

Friday, January 14, 2005

Jury Duty

I got called for jury duty. Oddly enough, I've always wanted to be on a jury. My mom gets called to jury duty all of the time (including federal cases) while my dad has never been called. (He's always wanted to be on a jury, too.) So I'm really excited when I get this letter and I rip it open and start reading it and Damn! It was sent to the old address. In the county I USED to live in. I'm not even eligable.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Something New to Learn

I just signed up for a one day lampwork torch bead making class. I can't wait. It's a one time only session that is 2.5 hours on a Saturday afternoon. You pay a small amount for the class and what ever beads you can make during the session are your's to take home.

I hadn't really thought about making these myself until I saw this crafty lady show how to do it on my new favorite HGTV show, Crafters Coast to Coast. Plus the class takes place at the local stained glass supply store, which I'm hoping will inspire me to get back into working with stained glass. Let's just hope I don't catch anything on fire.

Monday, January 10, 2005

Colors Insulting to Nature

This is what I'm reading right now. I borrowed it from our old library and never had a chance to start it because of the move. I saw that my new library had it so I snatched it up. Boy, was it a lifesaver for me this past weekend. I was stuck in bed with back pain and back spasms so I got to spend a lot of time reading.

It's a very different and somewhat funny story. The fact that the family started a dinner theater with absolutely no intention of ever serving dinner cracked me up.

The author has a pretty interesting website, too. Go check it out and read her stuff.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Cushions of Concrete

Thanks to Not Martha, I have been racking my brain all week trying to figure out how I can make these fabulous garden stepping stones. I absolutely must have these and with each stone costing at least $75 after S&H, I need to make them myself. I talked to the Paleontologist at work to see if he had any ideas. (Seeing how he makes a lot of molds of old bones and all.) He gave me some suggestions so I'm hoping to stop at the Salvation Army pretty soon to pick up some pillows so I can get to experimenting. Wish me luck!

Friday, January 07, 2005

Our Lady of Weight Loss

To all of my friends who started diets this New Year's (and you know who you are), I present to you...Our Lady of Weight Loss.

Thanks to Crafty Chica for that one!

Monday, January 03, 2005

A Quiet Storm

Today I had my Christmas present installed. My Hubby bought me a CD player for my Jeep and tonight was my appointment to have it put in. I feel like I have a whole new vehicle! Here's a little secret for ya- I've never had a CD player in a car before. 'Tis true. Maybe it's my frugality showing, but every car I've ever bought only had a tape deck. My Jeep was listed as having a CD player, but when I looked at it and just about walked away the salesman knocked a couple of hundred off the price for it being listed wrong. Now almost a year later I'm getting one! (Believe me, it was me holding back on spending the money and not my husband at all. See, I told you I was frugal!)

I also got a package I ordered over Christmas and what great timing it was. Ever since the honeymoon in Hawaii I have been in love with Hawaiian Island Music. I found this site that carries the CD's I can't find anywhere! So I ordered this CD (I love #8) and this CD and the rarest of them all, this CD. I couldn't find the last one to save my life and #1 is my all time favorite! If you notice, all three were on sale! Woo Hoo!!